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  • Where do I pick up my order?
    Since we don't have a brick and mortar, all order pickups will be arranged via email at the time of order. Most pickups will be at Newport on the Levee in Newport, KY.
  • Is my order fresh?
    Absolutely! We prepare you order the day of or the day before you need it.
  • Can you match my party theme?
    We LOVE party themes! Send us your inspiration and we'll work hard to create something you'll love.
  • Do you do collaborations?
    Yes! Collabs are awesome! Just shoot us an email at
  • Why can't you make my order?
    I know I say "we" A LOT, but I am actually a one-woman show! I will only do as many orders as physically possible. Sometimes that means turning down orders. Get your orders in as far in advance as possible to get on the calendar! -Amber
  • Do you have more flavors to choose from?
    Currently we are only using the flavors listed on the homepage. If we add new ones, it will be listed there!
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